My Top Five Native Americans

1. The bass player from the Chesney Hawke’s hit ‘I am the One and Only’

2. The guy from The Village People

3. Sequoyah. He invented the Cherokee written language, or at least the modern version.

4. Michael Horse. Deputy Hawk from Twin Peaks

5. Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman. Albert  Hostein in The X-Files amongst many other things.

4 Replies to “My Top Five Native Americans”

    1. I had to search him out. Woeful I know but I am not the best at Americans…yet. I’ll keep him in mind for the yearly revision of the list.


      1. Definitely you should check out Will Rogers. He was a giant of American culture in the 20’s and 30’s. His weekly newspaper column was the most widely read. He was brilliant, and quite a fine guy by all accounts. Leonard Peltier, John Trudeau of the Amer. Indian Movement….


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