Pride of Baghdad – Brian K Vaughn

27 Jun

‘In April 2003, a pride of starving lions escaped from the Baghdad zoo during the American bombing of Iraq’

Mooching through the graphic novel section, this excitingly orange cover caught my eye and attracted me to this particular true story.

Following the lions on their quest for escape and safety, we find them meeting other animals and reading some fairly clever takes on how humans do things from an animals perspective.

While the art work is bright and detailed the story lacks any sort of emotional punch. The duration of the story is too short to develop characters or more importantly the sense of a war not understood by animals. The book is fairly thick having said but the art does take precedence over storyline.

What we do get is a pretty shallow, short story which tends to be a bit to preachy about the environment and attitudes towards animals. All very noble but overdone for such a small work, if you really want a sense of guilt for the actions of humanity there are many other places to get it.

This was something of an ‘on a whim’ purchase and for the full retail price (£8.99), it wasn’t particularly worth it unless you are a lover of good art work.  Having said all that, the characters were fairly likeable and it would have been more interesting had there been more material to get your teeth into, lion stylee.

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