18 Replies to “Reasons For Optimism”

  1. I like the first chair. couldn’t get bored there. though the second one looks a bit overwhelming. Finally got the password 4my account which i never use. Sophie x


      1. About sixth time lucky, I don’t think the actual first chair looks comfy, I just like the bookshelves in it and there r too many books on second pic for me – prob not for u tho! Cool pix


  2. If you removed the books from the back of that first chair, put them on the sides and incorporated a reclining armchair you could definitely be onto something lol


  3. I think it is still not late if you’ll give me that chair as a Christmas gift, Steve.


      1. Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way. I thought you are handy in carpentry? Hahahaha.


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