Where’s Wally?

09 Jun

There it is that big, bright, bold cover asking that immortal of questions, Where’s Wally?

I approached these books with a somewhat blasé attitude. I get involved, find said chappie and his hangers on(and dog), job done, simple.  Of course that is not the way of life. What followed was not just an elaborate paper based game of hide and seek. Oh no! It was a journey into the very depths my humanity….

It was Sartre who once said ‘Man is not the sum of what he has already, but rather the sum of what he does not yet have, of what he could have’.  I believe he was refering to my predicament of hunting for Wally in the middle of a viking war zone or in a black and white silent movie scene.  You see I came to the realisation that to hunt for ‘Wally’ is to hunt for oneself,  to seek oneself out of the body.
Having realised that to find myself I must look into various bits of history (and the beach), there came the revelation that (as the philosopher  Soren Kirkegaard said): ‘The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived’.  I didn’t see the book in my hands, I experienced my very soul. Finding each piece of ‘Wally’ made me feel a more rounded individual able to understand the universe in new ways never before experienced on this plane of existence.
After such a euphoric experience I sadly reached the end, having found my soul/Wally and his hangers on (and dog), I felt emotionally drained, as if  the glow of the sun, nay, the universe had dimmed. How, after traversing the very heights of emotional joy could I continue in my everyday life? The answer happily came to me when I searched on Amazon and found there were more Wally books. Until next time..
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One response to “Where’s Wally?

  1. StetotheJ

    09/06/2011 at 11:34

    Apologies to all lovers of split paragraphs. I don’t know what went off but it won’t let me do stuff that I want too.



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